Stevia Sweetener

Made by zero calorie stevia leaf extract



OSugar is made from Steviol Glycosides the extract of Stevia plants.

OSugar Powder

OSugar Powder is made from Steviol Glycosides, a natural extract from Stevia Plants. It has very low glycaemic index and is absolutely safe for diabetics. It has no side effects with good taste profile. Use it just as versatile as sugar for everyday.

100 gm

Stevia based powder

140.00 INR


1 kg

Stevia based powder

1500 INR

250 gm

Stevia based powder

310.00 INR


OSugar Liquid

OSugar Liquid is very low calorie sweetener made from Steviol Glycosides the extract of Stevia Plants. Use it in Tea, Coffee, Milk, Yoghurt, Lassi, Fruit juice, Breakfast cereals, Desserts, Sweets, Ice cream, etc

15 ml

Stevia based liquid

140.00 INR


5 L

Stevia based liquid

2700 INR

30 ml

Stevia based liquid

260.00 INR


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